The Fates have chosen...

The Fates have chosen...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Entry Two

Hello everyone, and welcome back.  So, this is just some more ramblings from me working on my novel.  I've found that I can think better if I write everything down, and who knows, you might be able to untangle some of the knotwork that is in my mind.  Here we go...

So I've been trying to figure out just what makes the annual Phantom Races so special.  One of the sneak peices that I'll give you, that some may already guess, is that one of the main components in the novel is unicorns.  Perhaps a bit cliche, perhaps not.  However, I'm bringing a bit of mythological into a semi-modern, fantasy world.  They rise from the sea, but even though they do, each beast is special, attached to one of the four elements.  They are wild, dangerous, and deadly, not liking humans at all.    When they rise from the sea, they are on land for at least a month or two, and always the key prize is the Phantom, though he hasn't been seen in almost two hundred years.

An historic figure, some consider the Phantom to be a myth, nothing more than stories told to children to keep them out of the sea.  He is legended to be bloodthirsty, a black beast from the very depths of the ocean itself, only controled by the Fates- the three goddesses of Alia.  But there are some that say he is as real as the summer storms that roll off the sea.  To them, he's waiting out there, gathering strength, until he can finally make landfall.  However, here's the catch...  It doesn't matter how dangerous he is.  If he arrives on land, then that means danger is nearing the future for Alia.  In a way, he is like the kingdom's "warning system", or perhaps their hero.  The Fates direct him to Alia's savior, and he sends him, or her, the message- but there's another catch.  All captured unicorns must race, and since the Phantom seeks out his charge, he is then deemed "captured".  I'm currently playing around with the idea of making the Phantom somehow communicate with its charge.  It's still under construction.

The riders- men only- must catch them [the unicorns] as they crash onto the shore. It's chaotic and very dangerous. In fact, during the two/three months of the races, no women or children are allowed onto the beach. It doesn't matter what age the men are. If their names are drawn by King Everly from the Silver Chalice, they must race. The penalty for not racing is death, though for elderly men, it is the remainder of their life in prison.  The winner(s) of the race are given wealth, military status, and a place in the royal family's social circle.  Part of the reason for the races is to weed out the weak.  They believe that because the Silver Chalice is controled by the Fates, the names called from said chalice are fated to be famous military commanders.  Like I said before, I'm still playing around with ideas, so this is what I've got so far.

Alright, so let's see what I've got so far...  Stuff worked out about the unicorns...  Info about the riders...  Some words on the Phantom...  I think that about covers it for tonight...  Maybe.  There might be something or other at the end of this, or knowing me, I'll make another post. 

For more information on The Phantom Races, stay tuned...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Entry One...

Today is the day that I work on the second chapter.  It's going well, all things considering.  The chapter lengths will definitely be longer than those of The Gathering Storm, at least by a page or so.  I'm also going to work on it not being so rushed.  In TGS, when I read over the chapters, it felt like everything was shoved together, with action on every single page, choking it down.  With Phantom Races, I'm hoping for a more slower pace, one that will allow you to get to know the world I have created better.  Amalaya is a hard character to write as, as she is most things I am not, but she has a strong spirit, and does things for her family that put her last.  I admire that, as I have often had to do the same for my family.

I have written out a little of the plot basis, but once I reach the capitol of Alia, I freeze up.  I'm hoping that once I write a few more chapters, it'll melt.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of chapters.  It's going to be intense, dramatic, and a little heart breaking.  You'll get to see just how far Amalaya will go to keep her family safe.

I have to say, I am enjoying writing about Amalaya's family and pets.  Though they all won't play an up-front, major role in the story, they all have a huge impact on Ama's decisions, and helped to build her into the character she is at nineteen years old.

Well, that's about all I can think to add right now.  Stay tuned for more information and special, behind the scene tidbits.  Who knows...  There might be an excerpt in it for you.

Take care.